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Synopsis: Avoid Bullying with these 12 tips

 Picture of anti-bullying tips business cards that teachers and parents can print for their students and children with silver background

Should you, your child, your friends, or other family members be subjected to bullying, there are 12 actions that can really help. Although each action is helpful, it is best to do a combination of these tips to really avoid being the target of bullies.

Inside the article, you get a free PDF file attachment called “Be Bully Free tips loaded on wallet-size business cards.” You could print a copy for your child, your children, or your classroom students. They could, in turn, cut them out, and keep them in their wallet or purse. These business cards will be great to for them to refer to when they are troubled by someone’s bullying-type behavior. Click ANTI-BULLYING ARTICLES to read more.

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